June 30, 2015

Youth Registration

Welcome to the Spring/Recital 2018 online registration process for Student Program Enrollments at Hunter Dance Center! Follow this step by step process to get your student enrolled. Please note that online registration is reserved for families who are paying tuition in full. Hunter Dance Center offers payment plans with three installments for the fall session. If you would like to pay by payment plan or take advantage of our family discount, please download our Registration Form PDF (separate forms for each child, please!) and return via email to info@hunterdancecenter.com, in person or by mail to Hunter Dance Center, 747 N Shepherd, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77007. We are also happy to register you by phone, but you’ll still need to complete a liability and photo release in person when you come to the studio. Don’t hesitate to call us at 832-962-8982, and we can help!

Let’s get started!

  1. You’ll register your children one at a time. Tuition is scaled based on the number of times per week your student is taking class. Make note of the names and number of classes per week your child is going to take.  Tuition is based on # classes per week per child, not per family.


2. Click on this Register Here link. This will open the registration system in a new window. You can still refer back to this page for help. Follow the prompts to enter your email and password or to create a new account. Returning students, please use your email on file at Hunter Dance Center. Feel free to call the office at 832-962-8982 if you need help.


Registration Window Png

4. Enter and/or correct your contact and login information as prompted. Parents, please enter your own information under “Contact Information.” You will add your children’s information under “Add Family Member.” Please make sure to include your child’s birthday, so that we can confirm that they are appropriately placed according to age. If there is no birthday entered, the system will not allow you to register for certain classes with age pre-requisites. Please click “subscribe to emails.” If you don’t, you will miss important communications from the dance center about your child’s classes. Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.47.24 AM 5. Check off the liability and photo release square and click “Create Account.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.48.36 AM

6. Then use the drop-down menus to find the classes you want and enroll! If you have more than one child listed under your account, you will first choose the class …

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.00.27 AM

7. … and then choose the child you wish to enroll. Make sure you do all of one child’s classes first before moving on to the next, since tuition is calculated per child, not per family.


8. Now it’s time to purchase your Tuition PackageAfter selecting the child to enroll, you will be taken to the tuition page where you will select the TOTAL number of classes per week in which this particular child is going to be enrolled.


9. After selecting your first child’s tuition package, you will be taken to your shopping cart, where you will be prompted to “Check Out.” Follow the steps to check out. After you have purchased the appropriate tuition package for your child, you will be able to enroll him or her in the remainder of her classes without needing to pay any additional fees, since your tuition package is already purchased and on your account. When check out is complete, return to step 6 and 7 to enroll your first child in the remainder of his/her classes. Once you have completed registration for child #1, go back through step 6, 7 8, and 9 to complete each additional child’s registration.


Click here for Mindbody’s Help! page.

You can also email us directly with questions at info@hunterdancecenter.com or call us and let us register you over the phone: 832-962-8982.

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site and contact their customer service team.